Särkisalo Church

The present wooden church in Särkisalo was built in 1760. At its base it is a rectangular towerless oblong church. The north wall of the church has a lower and narrower vestry than the main hall, and a similar sized armoury on the south wall. In 1858, a small board-walled vestibule was added to the west end. All parts of the building have a steeply pitched roof. Under the church's shell is a cellar built in 1785.

The altarpiece, depicting Jesus and the children, was painted by Alexandra Frosterus-Såltin in 1897. Above the altarpiece is a radiant wooden cross, painted black, with the tablets of the law at its base. The pedestal is painted with the words "It is filled". The donor is Karl Uppman, c. 1855. The pulpit was made in 1869.

The altarpiece was built by carpenter Juhana Backman in 1760; Karin Mascitti-Slotte painted images of the apostles on the mirrors in 1961. The stained glass windows were created by Karin Mascitti-Slotte in 1958. The northern window features a guardian angel and the oldest mill in the parish, on the island of Pettu, the Hakkala sawmill and the Förby lime factory. The southern window includes the guardian angel, the church of Särkisalo and a sailing schooner.

A separate wooden belfry was built between 1761 and 1762 by Juhana Backman. The tower was renovated in 1896 and its bells date from 1706 and 1768.

The church has a capacity of 230 people.