Lönnviken cottages
Lönnviken is located on the island of Pettu in Särkisalo, a couple of hours' drive from the capital, a few minutes from the mainland by ferry. Lönnviken offers accommodation in the atmospheric Villa Lönnviken (sleeps 8), which includes sauna by the ocean with a natural sandy beach. Lilla Lönnviken (sleeps 4) has a wood-fired indoor sauna, a large terrace and a beach patio. The location of the cottages is sunny with the beach facing south-southwest. We are surrounded by the unique nature of the Archipelago Sea and the magnificent fishing waters. Boating, fishing, sauna, swimming and walking in the beautiful nature of Pettu are our attractions. High-speed telecommunications also provide excellent opportunities for remote working. The cottage rental includes a rowing boat, and we also rent outboard motors and a Buster Sun boat with a 20 hp engine and a Vator fiberglass boat with a 50 hp engine, sonar and chart plotter. We also have a launching ramp for your own boat on our beach.