Nennebo is located in the eastern archipelago of Turku on the island of Pettu in Särkisalo. There are two villas in Nennebo, the main building Villa Nennebo and the guest house/cottage Lilla Nennebo. Pettu island is known for its greenery and its clean and abundant fishing waters. Villa Nennebo offers an opportunity to enjoy old-time archipelago atmosphere and see the spectacularly beautiful sea landscape from your own terrace and the windows in the living rooms of both houses. Experience life as it used to be in the traditional sauna and take a dip in the clean Baltic Sea from your own beach. Pettu does not have cyanobacterium problems. The Nennebo beach has a 1.5-metre draught for the boat, and the boathouse can be reached even by a larger vessel as the boathouse has space for two boats. The farm has 14 + 2-4 spare beds.